Summer Squad Goals

Parenting advice. Love it or hate it, we simply cannot escape it. If you can filter through the constant influx, there are quite a few gems to mine. Our most recent excavation was from our super awesome, pseudo brother-in-law. He's a long haired, flip-flops in the winter kind of dude, who would never purposely give unsolicited parenting advice. Rather, the guidance came more in the form of a well placed, fireside story that stuck with us like the perfect s'more. In short, his clan of three were at each other's throats, so in turn, he implemented a squad-style summer. No summer camps, no sleep overs, just family time. The thought process was this: if siblings can't see eye to eye, they need to spend more time together.

And it worked. His kids are in their late teens and early 20's now. They still spend family summers together and genuinely enjoy each other's company. It's like watching a herd of unicorns - straight up magical.

It's working here, too. Instead of my usual approach - which included coordinating STEM camps, Pinterest boards full of crafts, and master planning "me" time - we're purposely slowing down. I'm learning to be okay with my kids staying in their pj's and making themselves cereal for breakfast. Instead of feeling stressed, annoyed, or unaccomplished, we're feeling connected. That connection has some pretty wonderful side effects, too. Think less fighting, more cooperation. From this experience, I've learned that kids are hardwired to be helpful and empathetic. Given the space to experience these emotions and the time to process them fully, my kids are fulfilling squad goals I never knew we had. 

However you spend your summer, whatever works for your unique crew, our squad wishes your squad the time of your lives. It's your life, live it with your style!


The Apple 5

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The Cool Kids

The dirt and grime of an urban city scape didn't deter this family from enjoying every minute of their shoot. We visited this uber cool mom's old stomping grounds and laughed about the life changes since "our days" in Deep Ellum. The take-away? Just because we're parents, doesn't mean we've lost our individuality, our style, or our swagger. This editorial style shoot will be displayed as a 12X12 coffee table book with rigid, layflat pages. Very fashion forward and fitting for this family. 

Are you the non-traditional type? Would love to have a shoot tailored to your personal style? If you answered 'yes,' click the button below and let's plan the perfect shot for your one-of-a-kind family!

Be in the moment

How many times have you missed out on your own party, because you're behind the lens of a camera, or the screen of a phone, trying to capture moments?

The irony isn't lost on you. Or us. 

You're the host with the most, so be free to entertain your guests and bask in the glory of your adoring party-goers by hiring us to capture the memories, so you can be in the moment. That's right, we also photograph events. Which is perfect, because we love a good party as much as you do, but we prefer to operate in the background. From mirrorless cameras that produce crystal clear images in low light with no distracting flashes, to telephoto lenses that can snap special moments without being intrusive, we're equipt and ready for your next soiree. 

Game Night

Sibling pictures are always a great gift for parents ... even when you're grown ups. But, how do you pull it off without making grown men uncomfortable? With a little competition of course. Enter game night. We set up a friendly game of poker, made sure the adult beverages were flowing, and snapped away for a relaxed sibling lifestyle session.

Stress Free Holiday

For small business owners, with a busy baseball schedule, finding time for holiday cards wasn't easy. This easy going couple let me take them to the place where they spend the majority of their free time - the ball fields! We played, ran, laughed ... and ran some more. Not only did we run off some energy, we were able to capture some genuine moments, without bribes or struggling through wiggly moments. We were also able to quickly create a digital holiday card for this hard working mom to send out to their friends and family, with plenty of time to spare.  Supermom?  You bet she is. 

Coming of age

You know those people you see from across the room and instantly want to be their friend? This girl epitomizes that notion. She's only 21 and has already lived a lifetime - you can literally feel her energy reverberating through you. She's fearless, outspoken, full of heart, and cares deeply for those around her. I'm so proud to call her my niece - happy 21st birthday Georgia Sky!