Summer Squad Goals

Parenting advice. Love it or hate it, we simply cannot escape it. If you can filter through the constant influx, there are quite a few gems to mine. Our most recent excavation was from our super awesome, pseudo brother-in-law. He's a long haired, flip-flops in the winter kind of dude, who would never purposely give unsolicited parenting advice. Rather, the guidance came more in the form of a well placed, fireside story that stuck with us like the perfect s'more. In short, his clan of three were at each other's throats, so in turn, he implemented a squad-style summer. No summer camps, no sleep overs, just family time. The thought process was this: if siblings can't see eye to eye, they need to spend more time together.

And it worked. His kids are in their late teens and early 20's now. They still spend family summers together and genuinely enjoy each other's company. It's like watching a herd of unicorns - straight up magical.

It's working here, too. Instead of my usual approach - which included coordinating STEM camps, Pinterest boards full of crafts, and master planning "me" time - we're purposely slowing down. I'm learning to be okay with my kids staying in their pj's and making themselves cereal for breakfast. Instead of feeling stressed, annoyed, or unaccomplished, we're feeling connected. That connection has some pretty wonderful side effects, too. Think less fighting, more cooperation. From this experience, I've learned that kids are hardwired to be helpful and empathetic. Given the space to experience these emotions and the time to process them fully, my kids are fulfilling squad goals I never knew we had. 

However you spend your summer, whatever works for your unique crew, our squad wishes your squad the time of your lives. It's your life, live it with your style!


The Apple 5

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