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Hi, I'm Stacy and I'm a photoholic.

Actually I'm a storyholic - words, pictures, it doesn't matter to me, I love them equally.

I'm a writer by trade, and a photographer by proxy. Trained as a Journalist in the US Air Force, I wrote, interviewed, and photographed my way into a full fledged obsession. When telling the stories of our military personnel, a routine week was anything but ordinary. A single mother is deployed to a war zone; a team of 19-year old Airmen successfully launch a satellite into orbit; protestors attempt to breach the gates of an installation; the crushing news of a loved one lost.

After leaving the military, I found myself swept away in the world of traditional media, working my way through assignments in print, radio, TV and cable. Today, my story is that of a mom who shed corporate stresses to live a fun, family filled life with passion and no regrets. Now, I get to live the exiting life of a documentarian - freezing the moments in life we want to remember, and helping to embrace moments of change. My career since the USAF has afforded me a circle of accomplished friends, who generously share their time and working knowledge of photography. Getting reacquainted with my passion has been an exciting and humbling journey.

I invite you to reach out to me with your photography or editorial project. Let's have fun, let's dig deep and tell your story with style.


 Stacy Apple