How to create a photo wall

Creating a photo wall can be intimidating, but if it's done well, it can be a show stopper in your home. Choosing your favorite photographs, the perfect medium, and the arrangement, can all make you want to live bare walls.

No, you can do this! Here are a few tips to execute a stunning photo display.

1. Know your style. Don't let design rules dictate your space; rules in art are simply guidelines. Mix portraits and candids, color and black and white photos, or try adding a landscape photo into the mix. The most important part of your art wall is that each piece means something special to you. For a cohesive look, choose photos that repeat accent colors from your interior design, or add accent pieces to your decor to tie in your photos. Frames are a great way to bring different style photos together - right now, we're loving thin, gold frames with thick white mats. Black gallery frames are a timeless choice, while mixing antique frames really wows in an eclectic space.

2. Look up! How high is the ceiling where you will be hanging your display? If you have very high or vaulted ceilings, take this into consideration when choosing your design. You want to draw the eye up, so choosing a layout that is a bit more abstract, rather than a straight line, may be more visually appealing. If you have low ceilings, try to keep your art so it's center hangs approximately 60"- 66" from the floor. 

3. Details matter. Placing photos so your subjects are looking into the center of your arrangement will make your piece feel centered and connected. However, if your subject is gazing into the distance, take a quick glance in that direction to see where they will be facing in your home; placing that photo so the subject is staring out the window will feel more natural. Once you've nailed your arrangement, measure, measure, measure! Making certain your frames are evenly spaced will make your collage look professionally designed - even the most amazing design can be overtaken by poorly hung frames. Another great trend, and one that will ease most measuring anxiety, is to create one large floating piece of artwork by touching each frame to the next.

Personalized art in your house is what makes it feel like a home and creates a warm inviting environment. Art is a great way to share your personality with your space, so let go, be yourself and don't be afraid to spread the love across your walls!

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